Are You Considering a Whites XLT metal detectors?

Well, are you ready to splash out on one of the best that money can buy (In my opinion)?

When I started seriously detecting I dived straight in and bought a machine which cost me a grand (brand new) despite mild protests from my wife. After a dozen trips or so I decided that I was hooked on the hobby and longed to upgrade to the Whites XLT after hearing so much about it and having joined a club who mostly use Whites machines.

Can you imagine how difficult it was to explain to my bemused wife in February this year that I needed to upgrade to another pricey detector? To be honest she was as ‘good as gold’ about the whole thing and although she failed to understand why a relative novice who had been detecting less than six months needed a top of the range machine,she agreed to the purchase.

Half the battle of detecting is knowing that you are waving the ultimate machine over potential targets. I still go home with junk in my finds pouch and precious little to show after six hours in the field but I know that I can’t blame my machine and that any bad returns are either down to a poor choice of site or poor technique on my part. I have found some incredibly small and deep targets.

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