Garrett Metal Detectors

Garrett Metal Detectors: For All Your Metal Detection Needs

The uses for metal detectors are wide and varied.  They can be used to maintain security and prevent people from carrying weapons onto planes.  They are used in schools to monitor the safety and activities of students.  They have also been used for much more enjoyable purposes – looking for buried treasure like coins and jewelery.

Metal detectors have been around for a long time now, and Garrett metal detectors remain a popular provider for all metal detector requirements.

Hand Wands and Security Detectors

Have ever been to a night club or sporting event, and had a hand wand metal detector waved over your body?  Or maybe you had to go to court and were forced to walk through a metal detector to ensure you weren’t concealing a weapon.  Chances are that the metal detector was a Garrett.  These are just two of the products that Garrett metal dectors provide to corporations, government, and the public.

These types of metal detectors increase security by ensuring no one is able to carry any metal items (such as knives or guns) into certain areas.  When a garrett metal detector sense a metal object on a person, it will give an audible beep or buzz.  When this happens, the person can then be isolated and disarmed so that everyone around them can remain safe.

Garrett Metal Detectors for Hobbyists

Not everyone uses a metal detector as a security measure, some of us just want to do a bit of digging around as a hobby.  Luckily, Garrett have not forgotten about us and have used their solid experience and technology to produce wonderful hobbyist metal detectors.

The hobbyist metal detectors are portal, and emit audible noises whenever metal is detected.  They also feature LCD screens to inform you of your target’s depth, and some even hint at the target’s shape.  These Garrett metal detectors are an ideal companion for a day at the beach or other hunting ground.

Its a thrilling experience going out and searching for buried things.  It’s kind of like fishing because “you never know what your gonna get” (or maybe its like a box of chocolates?).  You never know, maybe you could uncover the kind of treasure that means early retirement.  Of course, even if that doesn’t happen I always like to think that a bad day at the beach is still better than a good day at the office.

Whatever your needs may be, Garrett metal detectors have such a wide range and reputation that they are a name you can trust.

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