Scored some nice pennies from an old farm.

Well the day came when I could get onto a new farm I have. My partner and I set off, into a real hard going field, Full of hoof holes and hard to walk. My first signal was a georgian halfpenny, then a victoria penny. Also got an old victorian candle holder.

After having a break I decided to do an easy feild with no cow holes. Again my first signal was a georgian penny – no dates too worn. I had to go back to the car to renew my batteries then decided to start detecting in some dips in the land, I got another Georgian the a real nice 1914 florin which came out shining, and how nice to be able to read the date.

I met back up with my buddy who was doing some detecting around an old crashed aircraft site, he got a shell of some sort. but not much else.

This land has potential. Cant wait to get back on there.

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