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Advice for new Whites XLT owners?

So you’ve just picked up a Whites XLT metal detector and are eager to start making your first finds?

Start studying the Whites XLT manual and Bob Bailey’s program book.

I use bobs programmes 1,2 & 3 (the most sensitive being 1, as you can probably guess by the settings) all on farm land.  Theres very little to adjust on field after you loaded one of these in, just pre-amp gain and AC sensitivity if the machine is a little unstable (the book tells you what to look for).  Remember to ground balance after changing these.

A friend of mine also has just got a Whites XLT he had a morning on the standard relic programme, and changed to BASIC3 for the afternoon and noticed a much better finds rate. Its a fiver well spent.

I cant vouch for the beach programmes as I havnt been on the beach. Also if you detect on parks I guess you may want to add a bit more discrimination to bobs programmes.

My advice would be to start using BASIC3 or BASIC4, if you end up on clubs sites that have been searched a lot move to BASIC1 and BASIC2.