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Garrett Metal Detectors GTA

My Garret GTA has given me awesome results for coins in the field.

For any other GTA owners out there, let me give you a tactic.  If your units have the notch discrimination, where you can set up what you want to find by notching in an item or if you want to pass it up you notch it out, try this:

On the GTA 1000 Ultra, gold rings fall in the area between Nickel (3 to 3.5) and Pulltabs (4.5 to 5.5). I learned that by adding 4 and 4.5 notched in I might pick up some pulltabs but I don’t miss those gold rings. Your settings may be a bit different than the 1000 but look between Nickel and Pulltab to lock in the gold rings.

Now, is this tactic worth the extra hassle of digging up pull tabs? You decide.  Just for your consideration, do you know how much a gold & diamond ring is worth?  I’ve found more than one using this trick.

The Garrett detectors are truly deadly on coins.  It is really easy to use and picks up when others don’t.

What are your thoughts?