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Garrett Ground Hog Metal Detector

Garrett Ground Hog Metal Detector – Still Alive and Kicking

In Australia during the 1970’s, Garrett Ground Hog metal detectors were the masters of metal detecting machines. They were considered state-of-the-art, and were used primarily to find buried gold.  It was not unusual to detect pieces of gold with the Garrett Ground Hog metal detectors.  But the biggest problem back then was the difficultly in differentiating between gold and just a hot rock.

As the years have gone by, the demand for and development of superior metal detectors has emerged.  The Ground Hog was fazed out.  But its hard to let a good thing die.  Sometimes, old can meet with new and produce something legendary.  The Garrett Scorpion Gold Stinger metal detector has the same circuitry from the classic Garrett Ground Hog metal detector, and has taken the role of the “Tried and True” gold prospecting metal detector.  The title that formerly belonged to the famous Ground Hog.

The Stinger and The Hog

If you are hunting for gold, few detectors can match the Garrett Stinger.  The flip-switch allows you the versatility to change from Non-Motion All Metal operation to Motion Discriminate.  Flip it again for true TR Discrimination, to accurately identify conductive ore.  Your hunt for ore and old coins has never been made easier.  The field-proven and time-tested circuitry from the original Garrett Ground Hog metal detector provides the ultimate capability to penetrate ground minerals, to zero in on nuggets and ore veins.

The Gold Stinger is able to easily maneuver over complex ground conditions, and narrow cracks and fissures.  The features of the Stinger with it’s Garrett ground hog metal detector circuit include:

  • Analog Operating Systems
  • Surface Mount Technology
  • Three Operating Modes
  • Non Motion / All Metal Motion Discrimination
  • T/R Discrimination
  • Hot Rocks and Ore Sampling Calibrations
  • Adjustable Sensitivity / Depth
  • Manual Ground Balance
  • Automatic Ground Balance
  • Precision 10 Turn Audio
  • Silent Search
  • Automatic Returning
  • Sharp Audio Target Response

Class of  It’s Own for Treasure Hunters

The resurrection of the classic Ground Hog circuit in the new Garrett Stinger metal detector has produced one incredibility power and refined metal detector.  Capable of detecting the tiniest gold nuggets and flakes, and can be switched to a larger coil when searching for veins, nuggets, floater, and wet and dry placer at extreme depths.

Not even Fool’s Gold, iron rocks, or low grade silver will fool the Garrett Ground Hog metal detector.