Whites Spectrum XLT

Thinking about buying another detector and have the Whites Spectrum XLT in mind?  It is a  a great machine.

There’s a lot of talk currently about weather the Minelab Explorer is better or not.  The Whites XLT is not as complicated as some make out, but be careful which programmes you put in off the net.  Depending on where you live some maybe good for coin-shooting in America but not for small hammered in the UK.

My advice is buy Bob Bailey’s book if you get the XLT, and use one of his programmes.

I think the C.Scope Newforce R1 was brought in to challenge the XLT…which it didn’t seem to do judging by the lack of R1s I see. My mate has had and R1 for a year or so, but has got himself an XLT because he wasn’t finding hammered. But I reckon that’s down to his bad luck more than the R1. I like the build quality of the R1 they are much more waterproof than XLT but also a bit heavier. It’s strange you never see any posts from R1 owners anywhere, the only makes people seem talk about are Laser/Tesoro Whites and Minelab.

The XLT and R1 are a similar weight and size.

The R1 comes with an extra 6″ coil but no rechargable battery pack as standard. The XLT comes with a recharge & alkaline pack as standard.

Dont be scared off by the people saying “its too complicated”, its really not.

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